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Custom Tool - Local and Remote calls in same script.

Hi Team, 

Currently trying to create a custom tool, that calls a script that needs to be called on the Local Console, and also the Remote Computer.

The application is a remote support software we use. You need to initiate a remote session code on the IT Techs computer, and then would give the end user this code. However, as being a techie, we like to automate. The Product will also allow automatic connecting with a session code so this will be seamless for the end-user (just having to hit ok to support).

Is this possible, or do the PDQ Gurus have a way to execute this? The session code regenerates every session, so a custom field or variable won't work. Happy to put up the manual commands if that would help.

Thanks, and enjoy the Scotch.



I know I could do a workaround with PSExec as a remote call, but I was hoping to try and do it with just the Power of PDQ. 




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    A 'Step system' for Inventory's tools (to do local things).

    And logically, a local step in Deploy.

    Could be great !