.NET 3.5 package update for 1909

With the release of Windows 10 1909, the .NET 3.5 installer now fails. I am guessing this will just be an update of the sxs directory, I was just wondering if there is an ETA on the release? Last time there was a 1903 Version released, I am guessing there will be a 1909 verion?


UPDATE: After a look at it, if 1909 and 1903 as well as older versions of window will be supported, there will need to be a few more updates in the conditions. At the moment it looks at a registry setting, however, because of the inability in PDQ to do multiple registry conditions, for the older versions of windows, may be easier to write a script that will return true or false to work out if its 1909 or 1903 (and if not install the generic windows 10 one).



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  • Running into the same issue.  Thanks for the update on the registry condition.  It looks to be a simple modification.

  • In case you hadn't noticed yet - the .NET 3.5 package has been updated for 1909. Give it a whirl.

  • I appreciate the comment.  I wasn't aware it had been updated.  Thank you.

  • Thanks for the update, installed and will test next time we have a machine ready to deploy to.


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