Plans for Amazon Coretto Paclages in Deploy Library



  • Colby Bouma

    Does your application work with AdoptOpenJDK? We added that to the Package Library recently.

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  • Bradley Humrichouser

    I haven't tried yet.  The issue is what the company that publishes the application has tested and approved.  This application was tested with Coretto and officially blessed by them.  When we would have to call them for support, they would remote into whomever's workstation was having the problem.  Seeing that we didn't follow their orthodoxy, that would be the first thing they would point at as the source of the problem.

    Now that you ask about AdoptOpenJDK, I could set up a couple of "crash test" workstations and try it out.  Curiosity being what it is.  But that would still put me back to the 'orthodoxy' issue.


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  • Kevin Raulins

    I would like to add a vote to Amazon Corretto.  It is being recommended by Varonis for their security platform.  We are looking into moving our other installations of Java to Amazon Corretto as well.

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