Where do you install deploy&inventory ?



  • F V

    Hi, depends of your needs and infrastructure i Guess, 


    Where i work it's installed (pdq Deploy and Inventory) on a VM which is always on

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  • Stefan Batory

    Thank you for answer F V,

    At this moment i use Windows remote desktop to access my VM's. 

    Can you share how do you access them ? Is there any quicker, more convenient way ?




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  • Wizz


    My Inventory is installed on a Lenovo M700. With SSD, i5-6400T, 16GB RAM. On my daily computer.

    Just need to restart my computer every 15 days ~ (perfs).

    Probably because of Inventory or Google Chrome, not sure ahah.


    My Inventory have 2500+ computers, with many tools, scans, collections and reports. My DB is about 1 GB now.


    No prob for 70 Workstations, I think, even if you scan all client's files and scan all the day.

    But for me, Inventory is more greedy than Deploy.

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  • F V

    Hello Stefan, 

    I also use Remote Desktop to interact with the VM where PDQ is installed.

    Managing 100+ workstations and 100+servers

    Deploy DB size is 40Mb

    inventory DB size is 120Mb


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  • Colby Bouma

    There's also Client mode. You get a full PDQ console without RDP :)

    Installing in Client mode: https://help.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000083832-Configuring-Central-Server-PDQ-Deploy#Client

    Switching to Client mode: https://documentation.pdq.com/PDQDeploy/

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