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PDQ is awesome

First poste here ^^


Just want to say that PDQ Deploy and inventory are such awesome products.


No non-sense functionnality or strange concepts, just straight to the point functionnality, perfect integration between the two products.


Almost everyday i have a new request and I think can i do it with PDQ and most of the times it's just a right click away in PDQ deploy or inventory.


Scans are quick, packages library covers almost every common need and customisation is limitless with CMD/powershell steps (powershell syntax coloring / checking could be even better but not a big deal) Excellent deployement logs/reports helps a lot to debug custom packages, very responsive interface, I could go on and on like this for hours.


The prices are really competitive with the per admin licensing and is not a headache to figure out


Keep up the excellent work guys.


Also the youtube vids are great, like the product straight to the point plus some weird humor (would I even forget the one where one of you is dressed like a corgy ? i don't think so :-) )


I will strongly recommend the PDQ duo everywhere I'll work


Sorry for my bad english, not my native language.