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Apologies if this has been asked already, but I could not find the answer from searching. I have a weekly report emailed to me showing which applications have been installed across all our computers in the past week.

On occasion I notice a large number of apps all showing as being installed for the same machine. This is impossible. This machine has been both on the domain, and known to PDQ, for a few years. 

This screenshot represents around half the installed applications. The other half have their date set correctly.

This isn't the first time I have seen this. It seems to happen every few weeks, and only to a single, different, PC at a time.

What causes this...? Thanks.



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  • Had any of those effected machines had the 1709 (or above) Feature Upgrades installed recently?

    During a Feature Upgrade, Windows automatically reinstalls a lot of programs (or at least performs a similar function) in the course of applying a Feature Upgrade. It doesn't hit every application every time, and is entirely machine-dependent regarding which applications are hit, but it looks like that is what is happening here

  • Thanks. Yes, this looks the likely cause. Although this PC would hvae been setup a few years ago, the date of the OS installation must related to the 1809 service pack. And the date matches the installation date of the apps above, so this seems to be the cause.

    It's good to know this is the reason.




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