Collection by Scan Status - Find only fields with a scan status

Is there not a way to filter a collection by a field that is not null? I want to find all computers where the Scan Status is not empty/blank. But there does not seem to be a way to do that easily. I found a post where someone created a collection where the entered in every possible scan status they knew about, but in most databases, there is a way to filter by whether or not there is anything in that field. For example, in Excel, there is the ISBLANK formula. In SQL, you can do something similar to "WHERE column-name IS NOT NULL". Adding filters for possible known scan statuses means that the filter will have to be reviewed for any changes in the system as updates are applied. Using a NULL variable/formula would mean that it would work regardless of the changes in possible scan statuses.




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  • Jessica,

    Is there a reason that you cannot simply filter like this? The field after "Does Not Equal" is blank:

    This returns ~300 computers with scan status "Offline Settings" for me, but if you want to filter those out you can simply add another value filter for "Computer > Online > Is True"

  • I did not even think about doing this. I'm too used to having to actually putting some qualifier in the field. Thank you. That gave me exactly what I am looking for.


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