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Feature Request - Heartbeat Completion List

I'm not sure if it's already do-able, but would it be possible to remove PCs from a heartbeat deployment once they have completed? That way the heartbeat doesn't keep repeating every time a PC is switched on.

Either by removing them from the list, marking them as "complete" or a just Run Once on Heartbeat option.



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  • Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't this already possible? If you go into the PDQ Deploy schedule, go to the Options tab and click the checkbox for "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed"

  • You're absolutely right. I didn't even know that existed. Every PC I've used on a heartbeat deployment previously has just kept reinstalling every time it was re-detected. Does it rely on the deployment job not being deleted post install?

    What version did this start appearing in?


  • Unfortunately I'm not sure exactly how it works or when the feature was added, sorry. Maybe Colby or someone else from PDQ can elaborate more on that.

  • No, the Target History portion of Schedules does not rely on deployment history. It is stored in its own table, ScheduleComputers.