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ADSync -> AD object added manually - PDQ Deploy Trigger Inventory Scan

how can i add computers to PDQ Inventory that i added manually to AD before MDT deployment? AD sync don't find them, until they was rolled out.

Before i start my MDT-Deployment i create a computer object manually. During MDT i start a PDQ-Deplyoment script, but if the computer isn't found in PDQ-Inventory, my Collections didn't work.

Is there a way to add them do Inventory or can i trigger a AD-Sync with PDQ-Deploy before installing my Software?

Are there any PDQ-Inventory CLI-command to start AD-Sync or to add a Computer manually?




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  • Timo,

    I'm not aware of any way to trigger a PDQ AD sync via CLI, sorry.

    You could experiment with increasing the frequency of your automatic Active Directory sync. For example, you could set the sync frequency to 15 minutes and then add a step in your MDT deployment to wait for 15 minutes. That would, I think, ensure that the computer exists within PDQ Inventory before the PDQ Deploy deployment triggers?

    I don't know what the performance implications of such an aggressive AD sync frequency would be-- I'm at 1 hour for my AD sync frequency with ~1100 computers in PDQ Inventory and that works fine for me. It could be that 15 minutes would be no big deal at all, depending on the size of your AD environment and your PDQ server.

  • >Are there any PDQ-Inventory CLI-command to start AD-Sync or to add a Computer manually?


    PDQInventory.exe ADSync -StartSync
    PDQInventory.exe AddComputers -Computers "NameOfComputer"