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dynamic Shedule groups for Monthly updates


Every month there are updates for 3rd party apps like Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, Firefox etc. I would like to schdule these updates automatically which is easy enough to do however it is good practice to roll out to just a selection of PC's such as a test group first. Assess if there are any issues with that version (errors, compatibility with other apps etc) then roll out to the rest. With this basic principle in mind I am looking to create 4 groups and stagger the installs so for example weekend one on the month - group A get the updates, weekend 2 - group B get the updates and so on. Again this is possible in PDQ but does anyone have a clever way to dynamically populate some groups with random machines? I could create static groups in PDQ Inventory and add devices to each but this would require a fair bit of manual overhead espeically if PC's are being added or removed all the time. (currently going through a Win7 to Win10 replacement). The main thing is to not do an entire department at the same time in case it causes problems for everyone.




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  • I can't think of any way to truly randomize it, especially if you want to the computers to change group occassionally.

    I don't know if this would meet your needs, but what if you did dynamic collections based on an ip range? You could carve up your subnet on ranges of ip addresses like this:

    That would at least allow you to target on some computers on a subnet. Also, as replace computers or reassign ip addresses those groups could stay balances, but automatically include whichever computer now holds that address.