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Dynamic Collection for computers with specific folder

Hey guys!

I need to apply an update to machines that have a program called Partner on them. This application doesn't show up in "Programs and Features" as it's a java based program. Each PC that has it will have a C:\Partner folder though. Can someone tell me how to create a Dynamic Collection that shows all PC's in the company that have a folder called Partner in the C drive root? 

Thanks so much!!



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  • Lee,

    You will need to add that folder as a Files & Directories Scanner to your Scan Profile.

    You could do this as a different scan profile, but if you need to know this for all computers you could also just add it to the Standard scan profile.

    Go to Options > Scan Profiles > Standard > Edit > Files & Directories > Edit

    Then you will need to add a line in the "Include Pattern(s):" field.

    I think you would need to add this: C:\Partner

    After that, every subsequent scan will check for the existence of that folder. You can then do a dynamic collection with a value filter like this:

  • That worked perfectly. 

    Thanks so much.

  • This doesn't work for me. Nothing shows up in the collection. I've added the path as a directory to the scan profile.

  • Have you also successfully ran the updated scan profile on the targets? Compare the output in the Files & Directories tab in Inventory with your filters. You could also generate a report that contains your Files & Directories and use that to create your filters. That makes it easy to see the values that you are filtering on as you go.