Reboots from PDQ Deploy randomly don't go through lately


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  • Ryan Joachim

    I'm not sure which method PDQ is using to reboot the machine, but it sounds like there may be a prompt on the user machine that is requiring interaction (an error popup waiting for someone to hit "okay" for example). I've ran into several machines over the last couple days that randomly have an error related to a Windows update component crashing pop up when trying to reboot - the machine will sit there forever until that "ok" button is pressed, then it will finish restarting like normal. This is a different kind of popup than what you'd see if a user had files open that needed saving, or if a machine was locked.

    Which command are you using that works when PDQ doesn't? Using something like shutdown -r -f (or /r /f) forces Windows to ignore all warnings or prompts and restart, but again - haven't ever looked into how PDQ is handling reboots, so I can't say for sure what (if anything) would cause it to hang.

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