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PDQ Deploy not saving conditions

I have been experiencing an issue over the past few days between PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.  PDQ Deploy will not save the conditions for packages.  Within the package dialogue the conditions are saved, but when a different user or the server is restarted, none of the changes are saved.  This is happening for both the auto-update packages and custom packages.

Updates have been installed and the server restarted which seems to resolve the issue for a short time period (a few hours) but this is completely preventing the use of this software at the moment.

Any helps or thoughts would be appreciated.



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  • Jesse,

    Are you using the console from your workstation or from the PDQ server itself? If you are using it from your workstation could you try it on the PDQ server and see if you can reproduce the problem there?

  • From the server, and it seems to be intermittent in nature right now.  I have been attempting to re-produce the problem while I am in attendance to repair the deployment, but currently it is not happening.

    Previously the conditions were wiping/resetting on a sever restart, but not now.  This is a very recent problem and only affects deployments with conditions in place.

  • Are you certain that when you "saved" the conditions, they were actually saved and it was not just a visual error? E.g. after you save the conditions do the packages perform as if the conditions are correct?

    You could try changing the conditions, saving, and then exporting the package to verify. You can look at the XML code to make sure that the changes were saving.

    Because of the strangely intermittent nature of your issue I'm wondering if the conditions actually never successfully save and they just visually appear to save at first, but revert to the "real" values later.

    I could conceivably see database issues or something causing your package conditions to not save but I'm struggling to think of a situation that could cause them to save at first but revert later.

  • Sometimes, this is what is frustrating.  For newer packages I could believe that, but this happened/is happening on packages which have had conditions set for a few months (based on dynamic collections etc) but when I started verifying all of my packages were correct, these packages had reset.

    I was leaning towards the 'not saving,' issue for newer packages, but I'm not sure what would cause this on older packages which have not had any interaction.

  • Is your PDQ server a virtual machine? Is it possible that it's being restored to a snapshot automatically or something like that?

    Could you try creating a test file on the server somewhere and then checking on it later to see if the file is still there?

    I just can't wrap my head around how a PDQ issue could cause this. I know it takes automatic database backups but I can't conceive of a way that it would be restoring to them unprompted. I wonder if there is something else going on with your server that is causing this.

  • It is a virtual machine, but does not seem to be restoring the database.  I have one package with a condition which has been set for around three months which reset while a newer package which kept its conditional settings.  PDQ has been rock solid until this, so I'm not certain what caused it.

    So far, after re-configuring my packages, restarting both services (and verifying their settings) and around five/six reboots, the settings are remaining fixed the time being.

    I'm not sure if another person went in and changed them (doubtful, I'm the primary user of PDQ and generally the one who understands it) or it was just a string of bad luck.

  • Hello,

    I experienced the same thing. After a restart, the settings for registry conditions in all packages are gone.

    Since I am the only user with access to the PDQ no other person was able to change this.

    Fortunately, I noticed this before it created chaos on the systems.