Still problem with computer name mismatch, offline or unreachable etc.



  • Tim Ramey

    I had this issue in my lab running the last two versions. We found 2 issues that were causing this. 


    1. Duplicate DHCP/DNS entry (not a PDQ Issue).

    2. After deleting the duplicates, running "ipconfig /registerdns" from an elevated prompt cleaned this up. 


    Entire process took about 30 minutes to pick back up. 

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  • Ryan Joachim
    1. Open CMD prompt (elevate if needed for your environment)

    2. Type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter. (I've had luck running this on the Inventory server as well.)

    3. Type in ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew and hit Enter.

    4. Finally, type in ipconfig /registerdns.

    That last line alone might be enough to resolve this problem, but the root of the problem is most likely the DNS Scavenging setting on your DNS server(s). Going too aggressive on the scheduling of scavenging can cause issues in some environments, but I think a good start would be 48 hours. It's not going to resolve issues like this that come from newly imaged or renamed machines (unless you wait 48 hours), but it should start to increase the overall health and accuracy of your DNS records.

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