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  • Wei

    Cumulative Updates are for Windows 10/Server 2016/2019.

    Monthly Rollup/Security Only are for Win7/Win8.1/2012R2..ect

    If you want to effectively manage patching in a Microsoft environment, you need WSUS. You can

    use PDQ Deploy to invoke patching script (PSWindowsUpdate) and PDQ Inventory to track the result.  


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  • Alex Henry

    How do I push feature updates with PDQ?  I need to move some machines from older builds (1803, 1703 etc) to the 1903 build?

    Also are you a direct employee of PDQ? Only reason I ask is because I need real answers.

    And my manager was told by this team that this software would help and cover for Windows patching.  Now I have to explain to him that this is false and that we should be looking only to use WSUS?  He purchased the full version for this very reason.  Is there a way to contact support to get more answers?

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  • Wei

    There are number of threads answering your question: how to deploy Windows Feature Update with PDQ Deploy

    Looks like you are very new to this industry, let me share some insights - 90% of the questions/problems can be easily answered by googling.

    I have no affiliation with PDQ.

    I use PDQ Deploy/Inventory in conjunction with WSUS in my environment (~500 servers 2008R2/2012R2/2016/2019), everything works really well.

    For more support you can email or join their slack channel



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  • Colby Bouma

    >For more support you can email

    Our support email is

    >or join their slack channel

    Just to clarify, that is a community operated subreddit and Slack channel. I highly recommend joining them, but they are not official PDQ channels.

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