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Windows updates

We just acquired license for both pieces and to use it for Windows updates (since we dont have an update solution and they are set to just auto approve and install on machines which causes many issues).

So now I am tasked to make sure that our org has something set up to push windows updates and make sure that we test on a pilot group first then to the masses.


My major question is, does the library have all the updates that I would need to make sure our machines are up to date? (Again I will not be using the online Microsoft server so only we push what we want).  I feel like it only has the cumulative updates but not the security, rollout and many others that I have seen, or maybe i am not looking in the right spot.  Another thing too is We have Office and want to push those updates, but I only see up to 2013, not the other versions that we have and need.  What do I do to make sure that our machines have the correct updates?  And someone mentioned WSUS, but we wont be using that, we purchased this just for windows patching so we want a one place solution, not to configure many pieces.





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  • Cumulative Updates are for Windows 10/Server 2016/2019.

    Monthly Rollup/Security Only are for Win7/Win8.1/2012R2..ect

    If you want to effectively manage patching in a Microsoft environment, you need WSUS. You can

    use PDQ Deploy to invoke patching script (PSWindowsUpdate) and PDQ Inventory to track the result.  


  • How do I push feature updates with PDQ?  I need to move some machines from older builds (1803, 1703 etc) to the 1903 build?

    Also are you a direct employee of PDQ? Only reason I ask is because I need real answers.

    And my manager was told by this team that this software would help and cover for Windows patching.  Now I have to explain to him that this is false and that we should be looking only to use WSUS?  He purchased the full version for this very reason.  Is there a way to contact support to get more answers?

  • There are number of threads answering your question: how to deploy Windows Feature Update with PDQ Deploy

    Looks like you are very new to this industry, let me share some insights - 90% of the questions/problems can be easily answered by googling.

    I have no affiliation with PDQ.

    I use PDQ Deploy/Inventory in conjunction with WSUS in my environment (~500 servers 2008R2/2012R2/2016/2019), everything works really well.

    For more support you can email or join their slack channel



  • >For more support you can email

    Our support email is

    >or join their slack channel

    Just to clarify, that is a community operated subreddit and Slack channel. I highly recommend joining them, but they are not official PDQ channels.