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Package-request: Automatic updating of MS Teams Machine Wide

Automatic download/update of MS Teams Machine wide installer.

For now, the only thing MS seems to support is manual download of the msi, uninstall the old and install the new. 



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  • This is not really an autoupdate-package...

    It is not updating existing installations. How can I manage this?

    "With per-machine installation, automatic updates is disabled. This means that to update the Teams app, you must uninstall the current version to update to a newer version."

    Can't you update it to a working package? Maybe uninstall/reinstall?

  • Have the same issue.

    Teams Machine Wide installer is version

    And the MS Teams installer just check for this and then abort the installation / update.

    So my Teams are never updated.

  • Ok. I fixed it myself.

    I created a Pre-Step in Microsoft Teams Auto-Package... that will run "Uninstall Microsoft Teams" only if "member of" "Microsoft Teams Machine-Wide (Old)"

  • Can you explain it please?

    Does your Pre-Step uninstall the machine-wide installer or the per-user Teams for all users?

    The per-user installed Teams (distributed per machine-wide installer) should auto-update - but it doesn't. "28 days remaining is shown"

  • Brian Aborg Weje 

    Can you explain specifically what you're doing with your pre-step?

  • Yes, of course.

    I do an "Uninstall Microsoft Teams 1.0" with a condition that it needs to be in the collection: Microsoft Teams Machine-Wide (old).

    So the only issue I have now, is that the Powershell will return 1 "Fails" if the Machine-Wide is allready present and in the correct version. In my opinon, that should make it quit with success.

  • Package description says it all:

    "Installs Microsoft Teams (Machine-Wide MSI installer)

    This package will NOT install if Microsoft Teams has been previously installed. If you wish to use this package on a system with a previous installation, you must first run the Microsoft Teams Uninstaller from the Package Library, then run this package again.

    This package will not prevent auto updates. Microsoft recommends deploying this only for new installs."

    From my experience this all works fine as the client will auto update itself anyway so they are all on the current version of Teams but they may well have an old machine-wide installer.