Specific Windows 10 Version Upgrade



  • Scott Barnett

    Ditto here...need to be able to push an 1803 to next builds but see no way to do so on PDQ.  



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  • Brian Green

    It's pretty easily done.

    I extract the Windows ISO of whatever version I want to upgrade to a folder and then 7Zip it so that when I copy it over, I don't copy a ton of files but one.

    I add that 7z file to the repository.

    Create a step to copy the file over:


    Once it's on the box I unzip it:


    and then create a step to install it:




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  • Kurtis Reed

    Thanks Brian, this is a great tip. I'll test that out here in a little bit and let you know how it goes. 

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  • Rene Lissner

    Thanks Brian, we made a package like you described and it works like a charm!

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