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Is there a way to auto deploy Windows Updates to PDQ Inventory Collections?

It looks like I have to download the monthly update, then move it to a folder for organization, and then go manually link and deploy it to the respective Windows OS/Build (old) collection in the PDQ Inventory Collection Library.   

Is there not a way to just tell PDQ Deploy to auto download and deploy these over to those collections regularly? It seems like a lot of unnecessary manual steps given those are the only collections these should logically be going to..? 





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  • Anything in the package library that's set to auto download can be deployed automagically.

    For your example, download the package as an auto download package.

    Create a schedule for it, uncheck the box that says "stop deploying to targets once they succeed"

    Have your targets set to the "old" collection of whatever version of Windows you're trying to update.

    Set your trigger to whatever interval that you want to do.

    This will set it up to continuously try to send to whatever is in the old collection.  When it's updated, it will fall out of the old collection and pdq will stop trying to send to it.  When the patches are updated again, it again becomes "old" and the cycle starts all over.


  • Hi Brian Green,

    When I set to auto-download it goes to root download section. If I move it to a folder will it continue to download?