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PDQ Inventory Filter Rules to install applications on PC's that have been reimaged

I need to create a Dynamic Collection with filter rules that can determine when a pc has been reimaged to install a set of applications. I'm not seeing any information fields that change as a result of being reimaged. Even the "Added" date shows the original date that the pc was added to Inventory, it does not change as a result of being reimaged. I was hoping there would be a way to accomplish this without having to delete the device from Inventory prior to reimaging.

The only thing that I'm coming up with is based on the Operating System "Version" of Win 10, but that may not necessarily be different every time.



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  • I run daily scans to pull inventory from a workstation.   I then create a dynamic collection that says "if this machine does NOT have this software, add to this collection" and then run a heartbeat off of that.  I uncheck the box that says "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed".   What this does is continue to attempt to send to any box that's in that collection regardless if the previous machine got it.  When it does finally get the software, it will drop out of the collection.  If the machine is rebuilt, it shows back up in the collection and receives the software again.