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  • Dustin Owens

    I was able to successfully Package this,

    Critical Steps include modifying the default settings.ini file in the INSTALLATION_22_0_17_0 source folder and changing



    Hours=100000  ( The Installer compares up time to this and fails if the uptime it greater than the threshold. )


    Next Create a silent install ini file and copying it before running the installer.

    Example : WS_Silent.ini

    approvelegalagreement = yes
    country = US
    installtype = standalone
    shortcut = no
    autolaunchworldship = no


    When Creating the Deployment Package Step 1 would be to copy your new WS_Silent.ini file to the target computer in a standard directory. 

    I used c:\temp\

    ( This will not work with a relative path.  ) 


    Step 2 would be to install the program stage the INSTALLATION_22_0_17_0 source folder with modified settings.ini file

    Select the Setup.exe 

    and add extra parameters of  /s /i c:\temp\WS_Silent.ini  /l c:\temp\ups.log 

    and check the include Entire Directory


    Good Luck everyone !


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