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  • Luke Nichols


    I am not sure if this is possible without just adding a ton of exceptions using additional filters in your report.

    The issue is that neither PDQ nor Windows really knows the difference between the "real" or "primary" display adapter and the other ones listed.

    For example, here are the display adapters from one of my machines:

    Obviously the Citrix one is a virtual device so you could add an additional filter to filter those out, but both Intel and AMD are "real" display adapters. You could plug monitors into both devices and they would both work on the same machine simultaneously.

    I think what you're getting at is if the machine has a discrete graphics card you want to see only that card, right? Do you want to see its onboard AMD/Intel graphics card in the absence of a discrete card?

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  • Jure Lakovic

    Ideally, I would love to see the graphics card(s) that are being actively utilized.

    Yes, it is true that in most cases, whenever a workstation has both an integrated GPU and a discrete GPU, the discrete GPU is actively being used by virtue of having a plugged in display. In this case the iGPU can either be:

    • disabled (inactive) -- the dGPU is the primary display adapter. I'd like PDQ to ignore it.
    • active but unused (no display plugged in) -- the dGPU is the primary display adapter. I'd like PDQ to ignore it.
    • or active and used -- both the dGPU and iGPU are the primary display adapters. I'd like PDQ to list both.

    But there's also the possibility of - there's only one case in my office I can think of this - where there is a dGPU present, but it is not being used (no display plugged in) and the iGPU is actually the primary display adapter in this case. In this case, PDQ would ideally ignore the dGPU and only show the iGPU.

    With laptops (and certain desktops), the iGPU and the dGPU are usually both active. Laptops use switchable graphics, deftly choosing which GPU to use for which workload.Desktops use technologies such as the defunct VIRTU, AMD SmartShift, or the DX12 Multiadapter technology. In this case, I'd also like PDQ to list both.

    If the above is a little too complex, then yes, listing only the dGPU in case of both the iGPU and dGPU being present is perfectly adequate.

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