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Webex Productivity Tools & Webex Meetings Desktop App


It would be extremely helpful to have both Cisco Webex Productivity Tools and Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App(s) integrated as packages that can be scheduled and automatically updated as changes come down the pipeline.



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  • Official comment

    We have added Webex Meetings to the Package Library, but no plans on adding Productivity Tools at this time.

  • We'd love this as well!

  • I'm also eager to see this, especially now. I've cobbled together something quick to get the app deployed in a pinch, but it would be really nice to have this in the Library (along with Teams)

  • This post needs more attention, with everything happening concerning Covid19 this feature would make a lot of our lives easier.

  • Could you please add "/AUTOOC=0" to your install command, so that it doesnt auto open right after install and on every user login. Thanks.

  • We decided to leave the default settings, but you can easily set the application to start minimized using group policy or by setting a registry key in a pre-step.