How to find PC by user name/user display name?



  • Colby Bouma

    PDQ Deploy and Inventory are centered around computers, not users. That being said, Inventory has a Current User column that shows you who was logged in to the computer at the time of the last scan. You can use the filter box in the upper-right corner to search for your desired username, select that computer, then open Tools --> PDQ Deploy.

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  • ah

    Thanks Colby, I appreciate you taking the time, and that is a useful tip.

    However, I often need to ad-hoc deploy one package to several users, so I'd really like to be able to "pick" PC's by way of user names from within PDQ Deploy. If this isn't possible, then I'll accept defeat and use your method, which is still an improvement for me.

    But if there's any way where I can expose user display names (as obtained by Inventory) within Deploy, it would just make my week. :-)

    I have been using PDQ Deploy for over a year, but Inventory is a relatively new arrival in our business, so I'm really hoping this is possible.

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