Push Win 10 v1909 "Enablement Package" to Win10 machines?



  • Patrick Mckelvey

    I've only tried this on a few and its worked so far.


    Step 1 - File Copy

    Source:  \\fileserver\Windows 10\Win10_1909.iso

    Target c:\temp


    Step 2 - Powershell script

    $driveletter = (Mount-DiskImage "c:\temp\Win10_1909.iso" -PassThru | Get-Volume).DriveLetter
    & "${driveletter}:\setup.exe" /Auto Upgrade /Compat IgnoreWarning /Dynamicupdate enable /showoobe none /CopyLogs c:\temp /quiet


    I had a 3rd step to delete the file and reboot but it didn't seem to want to wait for the actual install to happen.

    If anyone has a better way let me know too!

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  • Jeff P

    I'm not certain why an identical thread was created after my post of the same title a week or two ago, but here's my original.

    This is *NOT* "How do I install v1909 using an ISO" but rather "How do I get my 1903 machines to push the QUICK upgrade to 1909?"

    Our network has 130 PCs with 1903 and 116 PCs that have been upgraded to 1909.


    Is there any way to get the 1903 machines to upgrade to 1909 without pushing the actual setup.exe from a 1909 ISO? 

    Computers with 1903 that are "ready" to upgrade to 1909 will upgrade via Windows Update in about 5 total minutes. From what I have read this is only possible after the "enablement package" has been deployed to the machine in question. This sounds waaaaay better than running the automated full in-place upgrade which will still take the better part of an hour.

    Is there any way to push/enable the enablement package to my 1903 machines? From what I have read it's not simply a downloadable KB and can only be pushed by a WSUS server.


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  • Jeff P

    Adrian Yhy, all of your 1803 and 1809 PCs will need the FULL upgrade using the ISO files. You cannot push a v1909 update to those machines.

    Patrick's solution above should work for those machines. I used a simpler command (setup.exe" /Auto Upgrade) but they should both get the job done.

    1903 can have a "quick update" done to upgrade to 1909 after the enablement package has been installed. THAT is what I want to know how to do.

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  • Adrian Yhy

    Thanks for your response....

    I was starting to wonder as to why there are Win10 CU "packages" as "built-in" packages in PDQ deploy...

    After reading your post and also some other research,....I think they are not "update to 1909" etc but rather than a 1909 update...like update 1909.1 to 1909.2 etc....as I saw there are Jan 2020 updates for 1909...


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