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Display a banner for logged in user during installs

Hello.  Is there a way to display a banner on the screen of the current logged in user while a deployment is being made?

Thank you in advance.



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  • Hey Joshua,

    PDQ can display a message as part of the deployment package

    However, if you want to make a more customized user prompt you can do this with Power shell, have a look at this post on it has some great information and examples for getting started. Here is an example of one we use when Windows Updates require a restart.

    Hope it helps!

  • Hi Callan.  First, thanks for the response.  And, thanks for a response that made me remember the days of using Microsoft SMS in the early 2000's.  Good times...

    I think that I like the format of the Powershell that you linked to.  It is more informative, so I can be as wordy with our users as I want in order to help them understand what is happening.  The installs run as a local admin.  Our users are not local admins.  So, I guess what I would need to do is to create nested packages?  Have a package that has the Powershell prompt to the logged on user, and a package doing the actual installs, then a package to contain all of them?  Or, is there a better way?

    Thank you again,


  • Actually, I see in the Options for a step where I can change the Run As user to the Logged on User.  I'll test that out and report back.

  • Okay, that worked relatively well.  I put a step at the beginning explaining what was about to happen, and then a step at the end asking them to reboot.  But, it seems that the first step waits for the user to click the OK button in order to proceed to the next step of the deployment.  Any way to get that step to not hold things up?


    Thanks again.

  • At the bottom of the Message step window, there is a countdown counter you can set.  Or wait for user to click.

    You can set it very short if you don't want to wait long, but then the message goes away and it goes to the next step.

  • Thanks.  Unfortunately, that seems to only work on the PDQ built-in message step.


    What I've done for the Powershell one that Callan pointed out is that I've set a timer so that if a user hasn't clicked the button after x minutes that the window will go away, and the rest of the steps should continue.  I also forced the window to the top just to make sure that our users didn't miss it.