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I use psexec from MDT to kick off a nested package in PDQ. I would like to have an email when this job completes. I tested the command line by adding -NotificationName "Summary" to a deploy job and I got the email fine. When I added the same to my Powershell command that gets invoked by MDT, I don't get an email. Here is what I am using:

pdqdeploy.exe Deploy -Package "Newly Imaged Computers" -Targets $env:COMPUTERNAME -NotificationName "Summary"



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  • Chris,

    Why not just email from PowerShell directly instead of trying to get PDQ to do it?

    You can use Send-MailMessage if you have a local mail server you can send it through.

  • Yes, I could figure out a way to do this. I would like to get the summary or detailed summary working though.


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