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Return all machines that contain one application, but not another

I have been trying to create a report that returns all machines which contain a certain application name, but does not contain another application name. I can not get it to work, it just returns nothing, or return machines that the above is not true. I have even tried saying it contains this application name, but not this service name. Below are a couple of the screenshots of what I described above. Is this not possible without using a SQL report? Seem pretty basic to me.... Thx!





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  • Due to the 1-to-many relationship between computers and applications, you have to use a Not All/Not Any Group Filter like this:

  • Thanks for the quick reply....

    However, I set it up the way I see you have it, and it returned machines that contained BOTH applications, or at least the first 10 or so I checked. See below:

  • Strange. This is working for me. Try switching the Not All to Not Any. Both should work, but it's worth a shot.

  • Nope... went thru a few of them and they all contain both apps:

  • Just created a new report from scratch just like you have, and it doesn't report ANY machines.... which I know there are some. Really strange....

  • Aha! I was focusing on Collections, not Reports.

    When you have multiple tables in a Basic Report (such as Computer and Application), the Filters apply to each row of the joined data (it runs an INNER JOIN behind the scenes) instead of the entire computer.

    Just Computer: does this computer have an application named Chrome, and not any named Firefox?
    Computer and Application: does this row's Application Name match Chrome, and not match Firefox?

    If you want to have both tables in your Report, create a Collection with the same Filters and point your Report at it with Select Collection Source.

  • Gotcha…. that DOES work. Thanks Colby, much appreciated!