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Update version from 1511 to 1909 with pdq deploy

hey, I try to update the windows 10 version 1511 to 1909 with PDQ deploy 

I tried with this command:
C:\1909Update\setup.exe /auto upgrade /migratedrivers all /ShowOOBE none /Compat IgnoreWarning /Telemetry Disable

after I copied the files to the computers, and this not updated.

What I do not right?



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  • Here is the command I use to upgrade Enterprise editions.  I've only ever done this moving one edition at a time (ex 1809 to 1903).

    C:\1909\setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet /noreboot /showoobe none /DynamicUpdate disable /PKey xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx /compat IgnoreWarning

  • If you're going from 1511 -> 1909, I'm going to guess you may have some software, such as an antivirus, that is incompatible with 1909.  

    You'll want to start digging into logs, most of them are in a hidden directory off the root such as $Windows.~WS or $Windows.~BT.  



  • Uninstall the drivers for PDF printer and XPS printer.

    DISM /online /disable-feature /featurename:Printing-PrintToPDFServices-Features
    DISM /online /disable-feature /featurename:Printing-XPSServices-Features

    Stop WSUS if active. Stop Windows Updates and delete the C:\SoftwareDistribution folder.

    C:\Windows_10_1909_Installer\setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet /NoReboot /BitLocker AlwaysSuspend /CopyLogs C:\Temp\Logfiles.log    is what I use.

    You will probably have issues with the video driver an hard drive controllers, but you can try updating all drivers to the newest versions. Microsoft doesn't make this process easy.