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Feature Request

Deploy (update) software when user is logged in, but specific program is not in use.


Why, simple, desktop/laptop users we can't upgrade software while they remain logged into the system, we would love the feature when a user doesn't use (example) Firefox it should update!.





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  • You could make the first step fail the package if it detects the specified .exe running.


    Example of command step:

    tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq firefox.exe" | find /I /N "firefox.exe"


    Step Options set:

    Success code is 1

    Logged on State; Only run if user is logged on

    Options: Stop Deployment with Error


    If it's not detected running, it advances to the next step(s).


  • At the same time, in my experience at least, Chrome and Firefox will both update while the browser is open and in use without killing the process and closing the browser. The user will stay using the version that they had been until the close the browser on their own. The next time they launch the browser, it will be the updated version.

    Some programs of course require it to be closed to update and this would still be an issue for you, but those two browsers shouldn't be an issue.