Is there a way to deploy to a user no matter what computer they're on?

If there's a "john.doe" in my organization is there  a way I can just tell PDQ deploy to deploy a packet to them? Or another way to phrase it, is there a way to deploy to any computer that they are logged into? 

I do have PDQ Inventory as well if that has a complementary way of accommodating that?   

If not, what have other admins done to work around this? I am considering whether to allow the logon script method of usernames going into their computer descriptions, and then creating collections for usersI wish to target based on what computers contain their username in the description. 



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  • Our products are designed to target computers, not users. Inventory has the Current User field which is populated when you scan the computer, but you can't directly use that as a target. You'd have to search for the user, then copy and paste that computer into Deploy Once. Depending on exactly what you're trying to accomplish, you could create Collections that look for specific users and Schedules that deploy to those Collections.


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