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A DNS success story (yes, they exist!)

So I watched the PDQ Live segment today on DNS scavenging. I've followed every guide known to man on the interwebs, but it seemed like no matter what I did, scavenging only partially worked.

I've had records marked as "Delete this record when it becomes stale" but never get removed from DNS. Scavenging was set on the resource, the zone, and the server. A check of Event ID 2501 (scavenge success) on the DNS server showed successful scavenging with some records removed. Hmmmm...

Enter this article:

I did the dnscmd /zoneinfo command for my primary AD integrated zone. Guess what it showed for the server that was allowed to scavenge the zone? A domain controller that has been decommissioned for 2+ years!

So I did dnscmd /zoneresetscavengeservers <Ip of the current DNS Server> and did a forced scavenge. Over 4000 records cleaned up!


If I hadn't watched the webisode, I probably wouldn't have taken the time to dive down this rabbit hole. Thanks guys for giving me the strength! :D