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Issue when deploy Microsoft Teams .exe or .msi

Hi everyone


I've configured teams in Pdq deploy in Exe and Msi file beacause, installation sems to faild, 

The installation does not seem to go all the way. On the console it is marked as a success. I go through the .exe installation.

But on the target the client teams is not installed on the active user.

It only appears when I log in as administrator.

The parameters I entered are the basic ones, via this link

Do you have an idea of the problem?




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  • Good Morning! I had a similar issue packing that for my Agency and what I found is that the msi actually installs to Users AppData and that launches on log on for that user to sign in. The fix for us what to add:

    ALLUSERS=1 OPTIONS="noAutoStart=False"

    I also added a second step that prompts the user to sign out and sign back in to complete the Teams install.


    Hope that helps!


  • Hi , tanks for the help , but in your second step , witch parameters do yo use to close session ?  We have the command line : logoff , but we must know the Id of the session, and this ID is unique. And with this command, we don't have warning message to prevent user for deconnexion.

    The command line shutdown /l but dosen't work