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Automatic Windows Updates with Heartbeat

With all of the issue with Windows updates lately, it's more important to have test groups. I've been tasked with moving our company away from WSUS and we have chosen to use PDQ Deploy\Inventory for this. 

I setup a test schedule for the IT Department only with automatic downloads that runs every third Tuesday giving a week for any issues with the Microsoft monthly rollup to be found. I put a heartbeat on the schedule to catch any machines offline when the deployment is pushed. My issue was that during this test Microsoft released an out-of-band patch witch caused the schedule to reset and push the patch as soon as it was downloaded. This defeated the testing process we are putting in place.

Is their any way around this besides turning off the auto approval? Will I be forced to manually download the monthly update and set a new schedule? I'm hoping I'm just missing a checkbox somewhere. 



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  • Why not use Group Policies for this instead?

  • I need to avoid using GPs if possible. Without going into detail it's not the best solution in this case.

  • We are also in need of possibly something similar. We are pushing windows install on machines with WUinstall - this has proven to be the best solution.

    Monthly schedules basically work. We have set them to run 8.45 / 15.00 / 18.00 five days in a row. This repetition is there so that we would catch even laptops and occasional users.

    But we still do not. So my wish here would be to have
    daily / weekly / monthly / once / interval choice
    also within the heartbeat trigger. So that heartbeat would be enabled only on specific days and times but it would repeat.