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Clarification on "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed"? Want to avoid repeat deployments.

On PDQ Deploy scheduling option "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed", is it tracking thise in a database or is it tacking this on the Deployments tab's "Success" status? If the Deployments tab history is cleared, this un-mark the device as having been successfully deployed to, correct?   

If tied to the database instead, when will that ever clear or purge so I know to turn off the deployment before it's "forgotten" as succeeded?   

For the record this deployment is a one-time script that doesn't install anything or leave any markers for Inventory criteria. 



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  • John,

    I don't work for PDQ so I'm not an expert, take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. This is my understanding of how the software works but my understanding could be flawed:

    It is stored in a database. That database is also what populates the deployments history, they are one in the same. My understanding is that if you delete the deployment history then it also deletes it from the database.

    (See Colby’s post below, he has more info on how it actually works)

    You can configure how long you want to keep deployment history in your PDQ Deploy preferences, see screenshot below:

  • Hi Luke Nichols,

    Thanks for the response. Yes I will leave that at 60 just to be safe. This deployment shouldn't go beyond a couple weeks anyhow. 


  • "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" is actually tied to the Target History tab of the schedule and is completely separate from the deployment history of the attached packages. Target History is only automatically cleared for Auto Download packages. You have to clean it manually for packages you built yourself.