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PDQ Deploy Schedule not running correctly

Good day all,

I ran into an issue with a scheduled deployment this past weekend. I had a schedule created and enabled to run an installation on a target list of 101 computers (added via Target List > Computers). When I checked the deployment history this morning I see that the schedule did run, but for only 2 computers.

I am looking through the settings of the package and schedule, I cannot see why this ran for only 2 computers in the list..

The schedule was used once or twice before for a previous version upgrade, if that is relevant.

Just looking to see if anyone has insight as to why this behaved the way it did, what happened to the other 99 computers in the list?



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  • Might be wrong, but my first guess is because your schedule has 'Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" selected on the Options tab.



  • Thanks for the reply Gary, I'll take a look at that, I interpreted that setting as subsequent job(s) would not run after current job completion rather than install one target successfully and stop the rest of the deployment from continuing. I'll do some testing to clarify this today..

  • True. The setting is such that as long as the package itself doesn't change, it will run successfully against each computer one time only and then those computers would not receive the package again. It is possible that is why it only ran against two computers, because those two computers had not successfully received the package previously. It could be a different issue though.


  • Ahh.. that might be the issue here. I've used the same schedule to deploy the same package before. This makes more sense now. I wish they showed some indication of this on the job history. It would be nice to see "Skipped" as a status for cases like this.