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Tracking Warranty for non-windows devices

I'm in charge of warranty renewals as well as software renewals and while I have a handle on the latter situation, I can't figure out how to get devices like storage, ESXi hosts or others that have admin or root passwords. Generally, we can SSH to these devices, but I'm not sure how to add them to the inventory and the KB article seems to have vanished. 

Thanks in advance!



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  • You can add non-Windows devices to Inventory, but you won't be able to scan them.

  • You can add them in bulk from csv files , still usefull if you want to centralize information in PDQ

  • I've added over a dozen non-windows devices, disabled scanning and can run reports against the expiration dates, but I keep finding that these devices disappear from the non-windows folder by the following day and the expiration data no longer appears in the reports. Why do they disappear and/or how can I at least keep the expiration data accessible? 

  • Lee,

    What are your Active Directory sync settings set to? Particularly the "Delete Mode"? It sounds like you might have it set to "Full Sync" so you are losing your manual entries whenever an AD sync triggers.

  • Thanks Luke! I changed the mode to Mixed Sync. Should I rediscover the non-windows devices again? 

  • Yes, you will probably have to rediscover them since they have already been deleted. Hopefully this will be the last time, though.


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