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Report for most recent KB installed On date for each computer

I’m attempting to run a report that provides a single line per computer, showing the last time it received a KB. Right now I have only had success in generating a list of computers’ entire list of hotfixes, which includes old and new KBs and accrues up to 78 pages.

I could of course export this to excel and remove the lines there, but hoping there is a quicker way with PDQ itself. 

Thanks for any time and assistance you can provide!



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  • From PowerShell you could run

    Get-HotFix -ComputerName Yourcomputername | sort InstalledOn | select -Last 1

    You could also make a Inventory Tool for this.

    The issue I see making a Inventory Report is some of my Installed on fields only have a date and not a date and time.


    Guy Josenhans

    Software Deployment Solutions 


  • Thanks for the response, Guy!

    I'm fairly beginner/intermediate--do you mean run that powershell command on the host server? 

    Also not familiar with Inventory tools... any further instruction you can provide is very much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.