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  • Luke Nichols


    There is no simple way to do this. PDQ does not keep a master database of every software and its latest version number. This is something you would have to build yourself to suit your environment.

    Also, it would be a pain to do this all in one report, you're better off running one report per software in my opinion.

    Here is what I would do:

    • Identify a list of relevant software in your organization
    • Find the latest version for each one
    • Save each one as a variable in your PDQ Inventory
    • Create a report for each software that checks if any application name matches the one you're looking for *and* if the application version matches that application's variable

    You will need to repeat the first three steps routinely, PDQ can't automatically do that for you. However, by using variables you would not have to modify the reports later, at least.

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  • Jason Brainerd

    They discussed this recently in one of their live videos.  Unfortunately I don't remember which one.  

    They already have this on most of the software in their Collection Library, but you can copy one and paste it into one of your own collections that you can edit.  Like Luke said it would probably have to be on a per application base - but perhaps it could be done for multiple applications?  But you'd have to edit the version numbers manually and track those yourself.  

    I do understand your desire here.  I remember when I trialed Manage Engine it seemed to be able to list outdated versions of hundreds of different pieces of software on our network.  My memory could be overstating it a bit - but I do remember it being a lot.

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  • Colby Bouma

    One way you can get close is by building a Report that looks for Collections with "(Old)" in their name.

        Computer | Name | Computer Name
        Member of Collection | Name | Collection Name

            Member of Collection | Name | Contains | (Old)

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