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Find systems that need DotNet 3.5 only.

My Google-Fu has failed me TERRIBLY...  We have a couple of software applications that need DotNet 3.5, even though the systems have 4.5 or higher.  I have been unable to find a way to determine computers that don't have that SPECIFIC version.  I tried the scans and collections described by Callan Johnstone here:

I initially configured the scan and collection to look for 3.5 as a value.  When that didn't work, I configured exactly like he stated, thinking I'd at least find the systems more updated than dotnet 4.6.  Dropped it down to 4.5, then 4.0.  Nothing.  So I have something wrong somewhere...  

Here's the scan profile:


And here is my collection:

What did I miss?  Any assistance would be helpful.  Thanks!



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  • Create a Collection with these Filters:

        Windows Feature | Caption | Starts With | .NET Framework 3.5
        Windows Feature | Enabled | Is False

  • That worked perfectly - thanks!