Request - teeny tiny little agent that gives PDQ the client's ip address




  • Colby Bouma

    We are looking into solutions for problems like this. I have no idea when they might be ready.

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  • F V

    Hi Colby ;-)

    same request here

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  • Erin

    Yes, unfortunately the DNS/VPN issue has rendered PDQ and inventory almost useless for our laptop fleet. Not PDQ's fault, but to compounding the issue our F5 VPN is very often passing the local client IP (Home IP) to the DNS server instead of their VPN IP.

    Inventory is completely off.

    Machine names linking to totally different users and hardware

    Deployments going to the wrong computers.

    Bit of a mess really.

    We've been looking for an Endpoint solution that has an agent and has some type of secure gateway to allow Non-VPN management as a lot of our users do not regularly connect to VPN through all of this.

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