Failed to connect to the server



  • Luke Nichols


    You probably want to contact PDQ support directly via email. They respond to these forum posts as much as possible but you'll get a faster and more comprehensive response by going through email.

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  • Sid DeVins

    Hi Joseph,

    There are a few things that can cause that error between a client and the central server and it's hard to say for sure what your issue might be without gathering a bit more information. Can you connect to the server if you use the server's IP address rather than its hostname? What if you use the FQDN? If either of those work, then there's likely an issue with your client's DNS. The ports (6336 for PDQ Deploy and 7337 for PDQ Inventory by default) may also be blocked by your firewall, or by your VPN if those clients are attempting to connect to your PDQ server remotely through a VPN connection. As Luke mentioned, I'd also recommend you reach out to us through - that's generally the best place to reach us for help with the technical aspects of PDQ products. Screenshots of the error you're seeing are also super helpful. 


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