Running a program results in Deploy package never completing

Deploy package installs Cylance Protect on user's computer, using a local admin account.  That part works.  But after it runs, the Cylance UI doesn't run on the user desktop (assuming a user is logged in when the deployment happens).

"No problem!," I thought.  Just setup a command step and fire off the CylanceUI command that way.  I set a condition to make sure a user is logged in if that step is to be run, and then that particular step gets run as the logged in user.  Should work, and indeed, the Cylance UI does start up.

But hey, the Deploy script is stuck on that last command, and doesn't complete.  I guess it isn't getting a return code from the Cylance UI application, so it doesn't know that the program is done.  But we don't expect the UI application to end... it just goes on and on, which is what we're after anyhow.

Then I think I can make a BAT file and trigger the Cylcance UI that way, but the same thing happens, basically for the same reason.

I'm needing some way to fire up this application, and as soon as it is started (but not ended) we complete that step.  Done.  Finished.  Outta there.

In my defense, I did do some searching for a solution to this, but just end up with results telling me how to use a command step, but they aren't specific to this kind of situation.

What is the solution?  This seems like it would be straightforward but it isn't.  Shane or Jordan, have any ideas?



Pat F.




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  • Ok, I've figured it out.  I used a command step with the following command:

    start /D "c:/Program Files/Cylance/Desktop/" /B cylanceui.exe

    Found this in the community under the subject line "Run a Program" which pointed me in the direction of the "start" command (never heard of it before).










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