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Windows 10 Upgrade over VPN

Looking for the best way to push out Feature Update 1909 over the VPN. It does work when I do it but I run into two issues:

1. After the computer reboots, PDQ is never able to reconnect due to the computer not automatically reconnecting to the VPN and ends up failing due to timeout. I have to manually check each computer I push out to to make sure the upgrade was successful.

2. Since the 1909 files are on a network share, I have a step to copy the files over to the computer first before running the upgrade (in case the computer disconnects from the vpn the setup can keep running). The issue with that is due to users being on the VPN and being geographically spread out around the US, the files take forever to copy over. I have put the 1909 upgrade files on my Google Drive account. I'm curious if there is a way to come up with a script to download the 1909 files from my Google Drive account onto the computer and then run the setup as opposed to grabbing them off the internal network.

I'm sure a lot of people are having the same issues when pushing upgrades over the VPN so I'm curious on how people are working around that. Any input would help out a lot. Thank you.



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  • Hi Kyle,
    You have a few options.

    One of them would be to do as you suggest and script a download using either pure powershell or something like Aria2.

    It is probably more sane however to use Windows update itself to do the build upgrade.

    $Updates = Start-WUScan -SearchCriteria "IsInstalled=0 AND IsHidden=0 AND IsAssigned=1" Write-Host "Updates found: " $Updates.Count Install-WUUpdates -Updates $Updates

    You could also use the PSWindowsUpdate module.

  • Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I dont believe your 2nd suggestion would work in my enviroment because all of our laptops are encrypted using Symantec PGP so steps need to be run before the install kicks off to bypass the encryption and import the encryption drivers. That's why I've been using PDQ Deploy to push out feature updates. I've never heard of Aria2 though so I might give that a shot. I've tried using wget to download the files I have from Google Drive but the results are very inconsistent. The link I tell it to download from will work fine for one person and then the rest it will not connect to Google Drive to download. If Aria2 does a better job to download files, that'll help me out alot.

  • We currently dont have feature updates enabled on our WSUS server because if we did and it tried to install on a computer that's encrypted, the feature update would fail everytime.