Old Powershell Scanner Results

First up, thank you for adding this amazing feature!

I just started dabbling in the powershell scanner and accidentally output my data as a plain hashtable not a pscustomobject. This left me with an unwanted garbage entry which is affecting reports.

What is the best way to clear this and go again?



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  • Looks like it was as simple as exporting, deleting, and re-importing the scan profile.

    I did have one hiccup however where PDQ Inventory crashed when deleting the scan profile. As the program didn't close, and it seemed to have removed the scan profile and data, I went ahead and re-imported it resulting in no data for the clients ($NULL) and two identical powershell scan data's with the same name under reports.

    I removed it again and did a DB backup and optimise (which also restarted the service) and after a re-import things are going swimmingly.


  • Embarrassingly, looking back on my edit history, I also just found I had an empty @{} hiding just before my [pscustomobject] that was causing this.
    PDQ Inventory removes the old data the next time you run the scanner.



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