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Best way to deploy software over vpn

Hey guys, we recently got PDQ Deploy & Inventory, and I have a package that installs successfully on my test vm's, however I'm not sure the best way to deploy it more widely. I was thinking before the covid thing I would do it by office subnet, but now most everyone is working from home and all on a few subnets with limiited bandwidth on vpn, this is around 500 users. And I need to be to confirm that it was installed. Unfortunately all the computers are in the same OU so filtering by that is out. I don't have any experience with PDQ so I don't know if say I use username it will keep retrying and report where its been installed etc. Any advice?



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  • you can look in the preferences of PDQ Deploy and set a maximum number of simultaneous deploy and/or you can limit the bandwith usage to a %

    if you limit it to 16 deploy at once and launch your deploy on you 500 targets they will be processed by groups of 16

    does that answer your question ?