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Zoom client install with auto-update enabled

I need guidance to have the Zoom client package deployed with auto-update enabled. I am very new to PDQ and I am not coming up with any answers and my Googlefu isn't working either.

I am getting lots of requests from my employees to update their Zoom client because they are receiving banners in their older versions to update. However, since I deployed it with PDQ, auto-updates are disabled. The problem is, 95% of my workforce are laptops all working from home and I can't update them through PDQ.

What are my options here?



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  • Hi Jared,


    Why can't you update your laptops @ home ? If they use a VPN you can deploy to them with PDQ


    If you cant't you should look at the parameters of your installer and hope there is an option to enable auto-update and then use this option in your deployement package


  • F V

    So a couple of reasons why I can't update at home, but you've already answered them in your reply to me.

    VPN - I do have some VPN clients deployed. We recently upgraded our firewall to a PA firewall and will be exploring the options of a VPN that will connect before a user logs into their device. Maybe by then PDQ will have an agent available again, lol. 

    "hope there is an option" - this is the reason I posted to the forums. I hope there is an option to enable auto-update to a PDQ auto managed package without converting it to a standard package.

  • Hello Jared,

    I completely understand what you're saying. A way you can enable auto update from the PDQ Deploy Auto-Download package is to include a post step in the package itself to run this command:

    REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Zoom\Zoom Meetings\General" /v EnableClientAutoUpdate /t REG_DWORD /d 1

    This will add a registry key to each computer you push Zoom out for now on. If you wanted to, you could also create a package individually that adds that registry key so you can enable auto update on computers that already have Zoom installed.

    Unfortunately you still run into the issue that you will not be able to push out anything through PDQ to those computers if they're not connected to your VPN. Either way I hope that information helps.

  • Hi Kyle Salce

    Thank you for this. I have created a different package with just the cmd update for testing purposes before I actually add it to the Zoom package. I have also found the Zoom documentation for GPOs as well. I am going to work with my Sys Admin to get this how we want it to work for our situation.

  • Good call about the GPO. The only issue with that is if your users aren't connected to VPN so they won't get the updated group policy settings. But that is definitely a good solution once you get your VPN up and running.

  • I just tried adding the registry key as a post step in the Package and it returns an error code 1.  The output log says "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."