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PDQ Scan is not pulling correct Version of Firefox.

I've scanned a system multiple times and it appears to have version 68.7 of FF installed:

However when I scan using another tool "lansweeper"  I see the correct version of FF installed that was deployed from PDQ deploy:

Is there something in the scan logs that may not be over-writing correct versions of what is installed.  It had been working fine but as of this week I have been getting inconsistent software version installations.

Thanks in advance for the Assistance



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  • Tayari,

    Are you sure that PDQ Inventory has not misidentified this machine? I.e. it may not be showing the machine that it says it is (probably due to a DNS issue). Can you look at the MAC address or the serial number/service tag and compare to lansweeper to see if it is the same machine?

  • Yes they are the same... and so are IP's.


  • Hi Tayari, 

    Can you confirm that the PC is scanning successfully without error? And can you confirm that you are using either the standard scanner or the application scanner? 

    Can you check the registry of that machine and see what version is showing? For Firefox you should be able to check the location below and yo should find an entry for Mozilla Firefox. The entry should have a value that displays what version is detected as installed. 


    If the versions differ, can you please reach out to us at so we can take a closer look? 

  • Bobby, 

    Thanks for responding, as far as I can visually tell there aren't any errors being generated when performing both a "standard scan" and a "application scan"  Is there a log I should be looking at to identify a failed scan.  

  • Hey Tayari,

    Could you put in a ticket with us by emailing I would like to take a closer look at this and take a look at your PDQ Inventory database to see if we can get this figured out.