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Problems with deploying our own software

Dear guys,


we have the problem, that there occurs an error message, when we deploy our own software. Does anyone has an idea?



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  • Hi Tim,
    The forum members are going to need a bit more information to be able help you with this.

    What is the error (do you have a picture)?
    Does the software install if you run the installation command manually?


  • Hey Ben,

    There is no errormessage. The time expires after 15 minutes (because my limit are 15 minutes). And nothing happened. At first there is an information "copying - 100 %" and after that, nothing happens.


  • This will usually happen if the program is waiting for some form of user interatcion.

    What happens if you run the command line manually?

    (AcrobatUpd is obviously just an example)

  • Hey Ben,

    Thanks for your time! After I entered the /verysilent parameter it run now!

  • No worries at all.
    Glad I could help.