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PDQ Powershell Cmdlets

Does PDQ operate its own Powershell cmdlets of any kind?

I am trying to see if there is a way to update the credentials stored in PDQ via powershell. I have some non-domain joined systems that management would like some password rotation on. I am hoping to rotate the password on the systems (easily done by powershell), and then update the password for that system in PDQ's credential store.



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  • We currently do not have any PowerShell cmdlets. That's a feature I hope we'll add in the future. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to manually update the credentials for now.

  • Had a thought - what if you deployed a package (with the appropriate credentials) to the IP address in question? Would that be a viable option?

  • Todd Brauns Unfortunately no. I can easily change the password on the remote system with either powershell or powershell in a PDQ step. What I wanted to accomplish was also change the password in the PDQ credential manager in the console.

    @... Thanks for the reply. Consider it a feature request please. Already impressed that PDQ can handle everything I've thrown at it so far

  • Ah, gotcha! Consider this a +1 for that request. I'd love to be able to use PDQ products with a Powershell window.