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In place upgrade of PDQ Host

Hi, we currently have a PDQ host 2012R2, and looking to upgrade it to 2016 or 2019.


Has anyone done an inplace upgrade of their server before? Will it cause any issues?





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  • Nathan,

    Here is how I updated my PDQ server's OS last time (2012 R2 -> 2016):

    • Spin up a new server on Windows Server 2016 (or your desired OS)
    • Install the PDQ software on the new server
    • Cut access to the old PDQ server to ensure no changes to its database/configuration, I did this by having everyone close their consoles and then killing the services on the server
    • Make sure none of the PDQ services are running on the new server
    • Copy the database files from the old server to the new one
    • Start up the services on the new server and make sure that it works as expected on the server itself
    • Connect my workstation's console to the new PDQ server and make sure it works as expected
    • Instruct the rest of the users to connect their consoles to the new server

    I believe I copied over all my settings/preferences manually, but I'm sure there's a way to export/import those as well.

  • Hi Luke,, thanks for the reply. I think I'll take a snapshot and try an in-place upgrade. See how it goes. 


    If it all goes to hell, I'll do a migration like what you describe above.




  • Hi Nathan, I'm planning a similar upgrade of my PDQ Inventory & Deploy server from windows server 2012 to 2019.  Just curious how your in-place server OS upgrade went?  Thanks.

  • Hi Daniel, I haven't had a chance to look at it further. So its still on the list of things to do.


  • For anyone that  wants to know. Upgraded  our PDQ server today from 2012R2 to 2019 with no problem. Straight in-place upgrade.

    So far no errors or any problems.